Yamzu announces blockchain powered tournaments with large prize pools

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(MERCURPRESS.COM) Yamzu, browser based tournament platform will organize online tournaments in your favorite video games with large prize pools. Yamzu’s mission is to become number one online venue for tournaments in esports with tournaments accessible to anyone with a computer and stable internet connection. Skill based tournaments powered by additional layers of security leave little to a chance when it comes to the outcome of a tournament - the best player takes it all, it’s as simple as that.

“We wanted to reinvent the way esports industry works. Blockchain technology will help us reach our full potential as more payment options were often asked from our users. Simplifying this with one wallet, one currency that works anywhere in the world will attract many gamers who haven’t had a chance to participate in esports tournaments before” - says Asiad Majeed, CEO and founder of Yamzu.

The company plans to host its own tournaments on the platform. “To clarify, these tournaments will be completely free to enter, they will be open to anyone anywhere. We want to remove any existing limitations that prevent active participation in esports industry” - Asiad adds.

The platform is working now, while the redesign and implementation of cryptography are also in progress. Yamzu sponsored tournaments will start in the fall, this year with Yamzu tokens going on sale in August.

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