Otto4Care, from Akinnovation an innovative IT Platform in the field of home health-care

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Akinnovation ( on the occasion of the recent edition of Exposanit√†, presented its home health-care suite of products: Otto4Care, is a platform that allows to record the health activities carried out in the territory and send the report directly to the regional administration. Otto’s hand-held device records, in particular, the hours of assistance performed, any problems encountered, the state of health of the patients, connecting directly with the client’s information IT systems.

Marco Montanelli, Director of AkInnovation - interviewed by Startupper Magazine - expressed full satisfaction for the results obtained with the presence at Exposanità exhibition "It was the first time that we participated in such a large international fair. We had contacts and congratulations in particular from Latvia, Sweden and Pakistan. Italian companies also have been able to appreciate our systems for their simplicity of use and the completeness of the functions offered.

Otto4Care, the new IT platform of AKinnovation in the field of home health-care, captured the interest of operators "Otto was formerly developed for the target of home health-care, but over the years has also given excellent answers in various other fields such as, for example, those of surveillance and maintenance. As part of the supervision, Otto replaces the classic red leaflet left to certify medical checkings. The security company can give its customers exclusive access to the AK portal that allows them to control and verify the actual medical check-ins and check-outs, and this is a service that is highly appreciated as extremely effective.

The interview concludes with an advice addressed to Italian Startuppers, in particular the youngest ones who see in companies like Akinnovation the example of those who have obtained the deserved success: "Not everyone will understand your business idea, try to think like your potential customers, but above all firmly believe in yourself”.

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