e-commerce and web-marketing can help artisans regain competitiveness in a globalized market.

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"We have always believed in the potential of the web. Since the early years of our craft business we have been among the first online search engine results thanks to intensive SEO activity with relevant and well-structured websites. Seeing the good results brought by the web even in a traditional sector, it was natural to turn towards a product that could be sold at a distance, taking advantage of the expansion of ecommerce. Loris Di Francesco, founder of Tendastore (www.tendastore.it), said in an interview with italian magazine L'Impresa Internazionale.

According to DI Francesco, who has had direct experience in his business, the craftsmen, can directly acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct their personal web-marketing strategy, simply by following webinars and getting updates on the blogs: "The web marketing activity was managed independently, we wanted to follow personally this sensitive part of online sales activity.

I must say that it was crucial to be part of a social training group - the one managed by Marco Montemagno, a reference figure in online communication - in which there are dozens of other entrepreneurs and professionals with whom I carry out daily tests to improve web activities, moreover, in this field the rules of the game change every day and it is important to form a group together with other entrepreneurs.

A path, that of e-commerce, which has led tendastore.it business not only to consolidate in his Country but - today - to open up to foreign markets "We feel the need to bring our product abroad - concludes Di Francesco - with the pride of Made in Italy and a craftsmanship that is now ready to enter the international market. Preparation for this step began a year ago with an intense study on brand positioning and with the screening of countries potentially most interested in our products.

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