Centro Studi Italia-Canada launches a partnership with the Vancouver-based Dekker Hewett Group

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A new collaboration is launching between the Centro Studi Italia-Canada and Dekker Hewett Group at Canaccord Genuity, a leading company in the financial services sector, with operations in two main segments of the securities industry: asset management and capital markets.

The collaboration will take the form of joint production of contents and in-depth analysis in the field of investments and B2B relations between Italy and Canada and focus on specific economic sectors, Canaccord will support Centro Studi Italia Canada in providing a clearer view of the Canadian market, acting as a local magnifying glass on the development of cooperation between the two sides of the Atlantic, starting from opportunities for foreign investment.

As a first step of the partnership, an overview on the Canadian economy has been published today on the portal of the Centro Studi Italy-Canada : (http://www.centrostudi-italiacanada.it/articles/overview_on_the_canadian_economy-83/)

The Centro Studi Italia-Canada is a working group whose main purpose is to support the dialogue and the promotion of mutual knowledge between Italy - also understood as a member of the European Union - and Canada through the development of research and analysis activities society, cultural and scientific exchanges, also through the organization of events that promote the interaction and constitute a meeting place between Italian and Canadian operators.

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