According to Rifline's managing director it's wrong to raise barricades to protect national markets

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In an exclusive interview with Startupper Magazine, Francesco Isola, managing director of Rif Line, an international logistics company based in Italy, said "I believe that those who, in times of globalization, believe they can simply raise barricades to protect their market and their companies, has a very narrow vision, at least on a practical level: the production system is today strongly interconnected at an international level, many U.S. companies actually produce in China or other countries, using components often made by other countries. This applies to all "advanced" nations. To put duties risks being a very unwise move, which can severely penalise even companies in their own country. Trade wars therefore make no sense at all.

In the course of the interview, Isola also tackles the theme of increasing digitization and its effects on international trade: "Digitization, tracking of shipments and speed, today are strategic elements, not overshadowing th ability of logistics companies delegates to be physically present in the main international trade scenarios, to assist, to solve bureaucratic or customs problems, to advise customers and thus make their work easier. It is fundamentally wrong to think that digital makes offline work by people, experts and consultants useless. Of course, we need to look at this physical presence not just as a manual force, but as an advanced opportunity.

"It's therefore easy - concludes the manager - for me to draw the lines for future development: e-commerce, while not replacing traditional trade with that of large-scale distribution, will in fact radically change them. For this reason, those involved in logistics must already understand these transformations in progress, especially by focusing on innovation.

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