We're waiting for you on the island with open arms: Sicilian Government Vice President Armao replies to an article by journalist Vittorio Feltri

We're waiting for you on the island with open arms: Sicilian Government Vice President Armao replies to an article by journalist Vittorio Feltri

"Dear Feltri, when you prefer the contumelia to the truth of the facts, mimicking the history of our land, and represent it to the citizens, it shows that it is not enough to suite as gentlemen to be so. In Sicily we really think we know something about this human condition.
Happy holidays also to mr.Feltri then, if you want to know more about what we do ... We wait for you on the island with open arms. Come, mr. Feltri and will easily change your mind, as befits intelligent people like you."

So Vice President of Sicilian Regional Government, Gaetano Armao, at the end of his post in answer to Vittorio Feltri, inviting the journalist to visit Sicily in person and realize for himself the different actual situation compared to the one he mistakenly painted, wishing him happy holidays.

Armao calls Feltri to his responsibilities in order of an article -in particular- entitled "In the North no Autonomy ... to Sicily instead 2 billion". The Vice President and Councillor for Economics of the Sicilian Government Region, Gaetano Armao, is not in agree with the image of Sicily painted "as an emblem of the land and home of corruption and waste" and answers through his Facebook profile to the director of Libero Quotidiano, journalist Vittorio Feltri.

"Some newcomers of federalism - writes Armao on his Facebook profile - must know that:
1) what the agreement with Rome recognizes us, the result of a long and difficult negotiation and which is continuing, is only the slightest part of what it takes to recover years of impoverishment of the Sicilians;
2) we the sicilians, have been federalists for some time, certainly since the Constitution of 1812 and even more so since that of 1848 even if for a symmetrical federalism, so we consider the differentiated regionalism of Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto an opportunity;
3) the approximate way of defining Sicily as 'sprecona' and 'sciamannata', may well respond to a known stereotype, but it is denied by Moody's and Standard&Poor's evaluations that have lowered the rating of many italian regions, including Feltri's one, and financial institutions but not that of Sicily for whose financial reorganization they have expressed appreciation;
4) the 2 billion € that emerge from the agreement are not a tip at all, meanwhile because they are directly related to the rights given by the Statuto Siciliano that is constitutional law, moreover they are not a financial transfer, but are made up of lower disbursements and higher revenues, and also reconnect to onerous financial commitments for Sicily (1 billion € contribution to the recovery of public finance for the three-year period, which can grow for exceptional needs);
5) Feltri can also illustrate to Libero's readers that for 2018, precisely because of the sacrifices of our citizens in recent years, we have lowered regional taxes and we will reduce them even more for foreigners who will be worth living in this paradise, with the operation #nuovisiciliani.
There are still serious uncertainties about the possible consequences of Brexit on the professional and business world. Confassociazioni International VP Gianni Lattanzio said

There are still serious uncertainties about the possible consequences of Brexit on the professional and business world. Confassociazioni International VP Gianni Lattanzio said

"The provisional draft agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom has established little, if any, on the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide services, freedoms which today guarantee the mobility of professionals and businesses in the EU and which will soon no longer be a common heritage."

That is what Gianni Lattanzio, Vice-President of Confassociazioni International, declared on the sidelines of the conference "Brexit: Instructions for use" which took place in Rome in the Sala Iotti of the Parliament.

"Unfortunately, there are still serious uncertainties about the possible consequences of Brexit on the professional and business world: professional operators and businesses will have to find a new place in the new market and adapt their competitive strategies efficiently, while users will have a more limited choice of services to enjoy. It is therefore important that professionals and companies accompany each other - concluded the Vice President Lattanzio - to rethink their role in order to transform a certain negative impact into a possible, albeit in its clear difficulty, new market opportunity".
Sicilian products trade mission in Chicago polarizes the interest of US operators. Marbles, food and wines on display throughout the month of December

Sicilian products trade mission in Chicago polarizes the interest of US operators. Marbles, food and wines on display throughout the month of December

The trade mission organized by the Sicilian Regional Government - Department of Trade and Business as part of the promotional plan for the year 2018 has just closed in Chicago, with the participation of 10 Sicilian companies specialized in stone and agri-food sectors.

The Mission took place from December 10 to 13 and saw the participation of three companies in the stone sector (Avola Stone Design, Eraclea Marmi and Hermes Marmi) and seven companies in the food and wine sector (Azienda Agricola Filangeri, Cantina Chitarra, Consorzio Elaion, Il Sole a Cavallo, I Veri Sapori dell'Etna, Only Sicilian Food, Primoti).

These companies, representing excellent products from the island, carried out guided tours and one-to-one meetings with US buyers and importers from the Chicago and Midwest areas, offering a wide range of high quality products. During the B2B meetings for the agro-food sector, which took place at the Conference Center 200 W Madison St, it was found a considerable interest from American traders on several items on display, with particular reference to products based on pistachio, wines of Etna and Nero d'Avola, extra virgin olive oils, liqueur based on seaweed and Sicilian herbs, sea salt of Trapani salt pans and coffee.

At the same time the trade mission was held, an exhibition of fine Sicilian stone materials was also inaugurated in Chicago, at the "Calia Stone Boutique" showroom, located at 154 West Hubbard Street (in the Design District area), which will last until the end of January. The opening night was an opportunity to illustrate to professionals the peculiar characteristics of Sicilian marbles and the different varieties that are extracted and processed in the marble basins of the island.

Sicilian stone companies had several meetings with architects, designers, importers and managers of specialized showrooms and carried out guided tours at leading international architectural firms and warehouses specializing in the import and processing of stone materials.

Every year, the Sicilian Region's Department of Production Activities organises dozens of promotional activities in favour of Sicilian companies in various countries around the world. The main purpose of these actions is to make known the best of the productions of Sicily, the Land of Myths and Traditions, and support companies in international markets, creating business opportunities and organizing meetings with buyers and professionals.
Published the Mediterranean Macroregion decree on the Official Bulletin of the Campania Region

Published the Mediterranean Macroregion decree on the Official Bulletin of the Campania Region

A new step forward in Naples towards the birth of the Mediterranean Macroregion. In the official bulletin of the Campania Region of last 29 November was published the decree signed by the Ombudsman, lawyer Giuseppe Fortunato, which recognizes the "Action Groups of the Mediterranean Macroregion aimed at the macro-regional strategy.

The act published in the official bulletin of the Campania Region officially recognizes the Assembly of the Mediterranean Macroregion, which recently met in Naples under the coordination of Paolo Pantani and which saw the speeches, in addition to the Regional Ombudsman Giuseppe Fortunato, the deputy Paolo Russo, the economist Rocco Giordano, the Councillor for Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion of the City Laura Marmorano, the constitutionalists Andrea Piraino and Carlo Amirante, and the MEP Andrea Cozzolino, who sent a video message.

"With the vote of the representatives of the social, economic and institutional world of the motion read and proposed by the coordinator of the Assembly of the Mediterranean Macroregion, Paolo Pantani, "it fills - Fortunato said on that occasion - a historical and geopolitical gap in the Mediterranean area, recorded so far, for the failure to start what was provided for in the Treaty of Lisbon in force since December 31, 2009.

"With the launch of the Action Groups - we read in the decree issued by Fortunato - and the Committee of Coordinators, the Mediterranean Macroregion, ensuring open governance, proceeds to make the European Council adopt the strategy in accordance with procedures and any contribution.

The reform of the Structural Funds, provided by the European Union before the next election phase in 2019, "no longer provides - said the lawyer Fortunato - as reference subjects the regions lagging behind in development, but just the Macroregions, which are already active 4, namely the Baltic, the Danubian, the alpine and the Adriatic-Ionian with lots of strategies ain terms of environment, energy, transport, the fight against crime and scientific and health research.
RE.DA. the startup that prints cardboard kitchens identical to the real ones has been presented at FIDEC, the Italian forum of constructions

RE.DA. the startup that prints cardboard kitchens identical to the real ones has been presented at FIDEC, the Italian forum of constructions

It was presented at FIDEC - Forum Italiano delle Costruzioni, RE.DA, the innovative startup that uses high-definition digital printing combined with the lightness and versatility of cardboard to cut costs, zero time and streamline the logistics associated with temporarily furnishing the home.

Simplifying home staging is the aim of RE.DA: the idea was born from the meeting between Fabiano Gollo, who has been immersed in "cardboard" for two generations thanks to the family box factory, and Elisabetta Rossi, a professional home stager and trainer for home staging. And from November 2018 comes the new website and the start of crowdfunding.

On the stage of FIDEC, Fabiano Gollo, CEO of RE.DA, together with Fabio Guglielmi, CEO of Santandrea Luxury Houses (brand of the Gabetti Group reserved for luxury properties) and Sanja Radovanovich, Director of IAHSP Eurppe - International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the European association that brings together professionals in Home Staging. It was an opportunity to spread the culture of home staging among builders and the importance of marketing in a complex sector such as real estate.

"We have already received a lot of approval among those working in the real estate sector, even if the applications could be further, for example as sets for photographers and for videos or even for temporary shops - declared Fabiano Gollo, CEO of RE.DA. - The potential is extraordinary and in fact there is a lot of interest from potential investors. - This startup is one of the natural evolutions of the family business, a way to update a traditional activity, even if still valid, like the box factory".

For information: www.arredorealistico.com, a website from which you can also join the development group to contribute to new products.
General Assembly to promote the foundation of a Mediterranean Macroregion will be held in Naples

General Assembly to promote the foundation of a Mediterranean Macroregion will be held in Naples

On November 9 starting at nine o'clock, in the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples (Palazzo Serra di Cassano), the first General Assembly for the Mediterranean Macroregion will be held.

Many speakers will take part in the works, illustrating the different themes of reference that will constitute the basis for a strategic project aimed at the development of the Mediterranean Macroregion. The themes that will be treated will concern: The territorial context, infrastructures, services, institutional aspects, environment, culture, health of peoples and citizens.

"In that place, with the participation of all, in the spirit of a participatory democracy, I trust, that unanimously, we can close the first cycle of debates and conferences through which different topics have been addressed. This is what Paolo Pantani, President Emeritus ABC ACLI Cultural Heritage and coordinator of the event, declared.

"We are all now convinced - continues Pantani - that we must overcome a regionalism in crisis and at the same time be on guard against populism that is heading towards a centralization of functions and a nationalization of decisions that does not benefit the country and Europe. With this in mind, we hope to lay the foundations for the second phase aimed at establishing a Mediterranean Macroregion.

The following have ensured their presence: Paolo Pantani - President Emeritus ABC ACLI Cultural Heritage; Rocco Giordano - Transport Economist; Berardo Impegno - Lecturer in Philosophy; Emanuele Raimondo - Researcher in Legal Studies; Beya Ben Abdelbaki Fraoua - Consul General of the Republic of Tunisia; Antonio Cirino Pomicino - Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco; José Luis Solano Gade - Consul General of the Kingdom of Spain; Stanislao Napolano - Medical Director President of the "Carlo Filangieri" Association; Alessandro Citarella - Representative of Meridem; Pasquale Persico - President of the Observatory of Cultural Heritage; Vito Grassi - President of Unindustria Campania; Cristina Fiorenzano - Representative of Basilicata Region; Adriano Giannola - President of SVIMEZ; Roberta Varriale - CNR Institute for Studies on Mediterranean Societies; Ennio Forte - Transport Economist; Renè Georges Maury - Geographer; Giovanni Saccà - Engineer in charge of the Railway Transport Studies Sector CAFI; Pietro Spirito - President of the Port Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea; Cosimo Inferrera President of the promotional committee Macroregione Meridionale Occidentale; Carlo Amirante - Constitutionalist; Francesco de Notaris - Director of the Assise Bulletin; Antonino Aurilio - Medical Director, U.O.S. Director.M.C.O.; Carlo Amirante - Constitutionalist; Francesco de Notaris - Director of the Assise Bulletin; Antonino Aurilio - Medical Director, U.O.S. Director. Basic Medicine District; Francesco Montanaro - Medical Specialist Gastroenterologist President Institute of Atellani Studies; Egidio Montibello - Physician former director of UOC Training and Upgrading ASL NAPLES 2 North; Vincenzo Senatore - Head of Drafting The Money; Sandro Staiano - Constitutionalist; Renato D'Amico - Professor of Political Science; Andrea Piraino - Constitutionalist; Stelio Mangiameli - Director ISSiRFA - CNR; on. Andrea Cozzolino - Eurodeputato - Vice-President of the Commission for Regional Development; on. Paolo Russo - Chamber of Deputies - Vice-President of the Committee for Legislation; on. Giuseppina Castiello - State Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
New step towards the assembly of Mediterranean Macro-region

New step towards the assembly of Mediterranean Macro-region

A new stage has been reached in the progress towards the constituent assembly and the operational start of the Mediterranean Macroregion, an innovative form of participatory democracy, scheduled for November 9 and 10 at the Institute of Philosophical Studies in Naples.

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Italian Railway Administrative College (CAFI) in Rome for the launch of the new European driving instrument for the affirmation of the most 'shareable and desirable objectives of territorial cohesion aimed at supporting, promoting and accompanying programs and projects for the development and reduction of disparities' between territories and citizens.

The meeting was attended by Giovanni Sacca', head of the Studies Department of CAFI, Paolo Pantani, director of Civicrazia, an expression of the healthy and committed civil society, and coordinator of the promoting committee of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion, Gianpaolo Basile, collaborator of Europarliamentary Andrea Cozzolino, Cristina Florenzano, delegate of the Basilicata Region, Stanislao Napolano, member of the promoting committee and journalists Carmelo Cutuli and Nicola Rivieccio.

"The Macroregion - promoters have emphasized - represents the chance to seize the historical opportunity. At a time when the European Union is experiencing a moment of great democratic uncertainty, the great opportunity of Macro-regional policies has arisen. Four of them are already operating (the Baltic, the Danube, the Ionian-Adriatic and the Alpine). They were created to encourage countries to commit themselves with their own funds.
The new macro-regional participatory body is therefore at this time the most advanced instrument of the European Union with which to fill the democratic gap in a Europe now at the mercy of multinationals."

"This model represents the real paradigm shift, the possibility of governance entrusted to a process that starts from the bottom - explains Paolo Pantani, first director of the Civicrazia Association for the defence of citizens' rights, with the specific mandate for macro-regional policies and the launch of the 5th European macro-region, of the central-western Mediterranean and coordinator of the Naples Forum for the M.M.C.O, MEDITERRANEAN MACREGION CENTER WESTERN CENTER planned for 9 and 10 November 2018. The Head Office of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion is Naples and the operational representative office is in Palazzo Francesco Berio in Via Toledo 256.
John Cabot University and ANGI sign strategic partnership to promote young Innovators

John Cabot University and ANGI sign strategic partnership to promote young Innovators

The National Association of Young Innovators - ANGI is proud to announce a new and important strategic partnership with John Cabot University, the largest American university in Italy, an example of excellence and professionalism with a profile of the highest international level of both the faculty and its students.

The National Association of Young Innovators - ANGI, is the first national non-profit organization entirely dedicated to the world of innovation, in each of its forms. With the support of the Culture Commission of the European Parliament and some of the most important Italian institutions, ANGI pursues its mission to be a reference point for innovation, developing it in all its forms.

John Cabot University is the largest American university in Italy. It stands out for its academic excellence and the international nature of its teaching staff and students, half of whom are American. The JCU combines a pragmatic approach to theoretical study and favors a close relationship with the world of work, paying great attention to career opportunities for students who choose to start a career after graduation instead of continuing their studies. Founded in 1972, it borrows its name from the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, better known as John Cabot. The university has three campuses in the centre of Rome, the Frank J. Guarini Campus, the Tiber Campus and the Caroline Critelli Guarini Campus.

"This important new partnership allows the Association to work alongside one of the largest international universities in Italy, with a very important institutional profile and a level of professionalism and competence that make it a reason for example and pride for Italy. Our work alongside the academic world is of primary importance, as well as relations with the Ministry of Education, in order to support young people, their training and the development of their professional growth profile and curriculum. - Gabriele Ferrieri, president of ANGI, adds: "The ability to innovate and be a source of talent for us is the goal of our program in which schools and universities are our main interlocutors. This collaboration will allow ANGI to further increase its university network but above all to give a further international dimension to its activities for the young and the new generations".

Franco Pavoncello, President of John Cabot University comments: "John Cabot, which works in the American tradition of liberal arts, places great emphasis on innovation as an expression of human creativity and talent; therefore we consider it strategically important to prepare our students to face the world with a critical spirit, originality and generosity. The collaboration with ANGI will be important to open new horizons for our students".
ExpoTraining will host the round table promoted by FondItalia and FormaSicuro on opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace

ExpoTraining will host the round table promoted by FondItalia and FormaSicuro on opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace

A round table entitled "Opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace", promoted by FondItalia in collaboration with its Technical Assistance Body FormaSicuro - Organismo Paritetico, will be held on 25 October at 10.30 a.m., in the context of ExpoTraining in FieraMilano, in Room "Orange" 2.

The programme includes institutional greetings from FondItalia President Francesco Franco and FormaSicuro President Domenico Chirico followed by the presentation of the "Dialogue in the dark" project by Franco Lisi, director of the Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan.

The round table will include speeches by Carlo Barberis, President of ExpoTraining; Francesco Paolo Capone, Secretary General of the UGL; Giovanni Luciano, President of the Inail Steering and Supervisory Council; Egidio Sangue, Director of FondItalia with the moderation of Tiziano Menduto, journalist of PuntoSicuro. The conclusions will be edited by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Claudio Durigon.

The event aims to be an appointment for comparison and deepening of opportunities, tools and resources to support safety in the workplace.

The aim is to encourage and concretely support companies in the implementation of effective interventions regarding training, risk assessment, prevention, protection and control for the health and safety of workers and employers.

FondItalia will also be exhibiting at ExpoTraining with its own booth.

Participation in the event is free of charge. However, to avoid queues at the entrance, it is preferable to be accredited to the link http://www.expotraining.it/iscriviti-online-alla-fiera.
Dedalo Minosse will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

Dedalo Minosse will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

Promoted by ALA - Assoarchitetti and Regione Veneto, the Dedalo Minosse biennial prize, is currently in its tenth edition, traveling through Italy and all over the world, reaching different locations - in the two years - exporting the best of Italian architecture and trends to various European countries, to North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

This traveling exhibition is a summary of the main exhibition held in Vicenza and travels the world, touching several stages for two years, thanks to agreements between ALA Assoarchitetti, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Institutes of Culture and Italian and foreign associations. The travelling exhibitions are an opportunity to export the prize and the image of Italy, as well as to promote the culture and quality of architecture in the world.

The Chicago event has been organized with the support of the Inarcassa Foundation and takes place in conjunction with the presence of a delegation of about 40 architects and engineers attending the "2nd International Workshop", promoted by the Foundation.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago is proud to host the Chicago’s stage of Dedalo Minosse traveling exhibition, opening on October 24th to November 2nd (Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm).

For those interested in attending, RSVP on Eventbrite or send an e-mail to events@worldprofessional.com

The Digital Agenda of the Sicilian Regional Government will be presented tomorrow in Palermo

The Digital Agenda of the Sicilian Regional Government will be presented tomorrow in Palermo

Tomorrow, October 2 at Villa Malfitano in Palermo, will be illustrated the Digital Agenda of Sicily.

opening the conference the president, Nello Musumeci and the vice president of the Sicilian Region Gaetano Armao.

The conference openings will be operated by the Sicilian Regional Government president, Nello Musumeci and the vice president Gaetano Armao, works will be then introduced by Maurizio Pirillo, general manager of the Regional Authority for Technological Innovation, and Riccardo Savona, president of the Sicilian Regional Parliament (ARS) Budget Committee, will chair the meeting.

Speakers: Domenico Tudini, managing director of Infratel, Stefano Paggi of Open Fiber, Mario Alvano, secretary general of Anci Sicilia and Valerio Mele, territorial coordinator of Anas Sicilia.

The first session will be concluded with Bernadette Grasso, Regional Councillor for Local Self-Government and Public Administration.

In the afternoon, the session "National and regional digital strategy" will be coordinated by Serafino Sorrenti, regional consultant on digital matters.

After the greetings of the President of the Sicilian Regional Parliament (ARS), Gianfranco Miccichè, there will be speeches by Sebastiano Callari, Regional Councillor for Information Systems of Friuli Venezia Giulia and coordinator of the Committee of the Regions, the Regional Councillor for Health, Ruggero Razza, Cosimo Comella, Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data, Daniela Maria Intravaia of the italian Agency for Digital and Giuseppe Lo Re, Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Palermo.

After a coffee break, the round table will be coordinated by journalist Giovanni Pepi, then will speak: Elio Catania, president of Confindustria digitale, Salvatore Malandrino, regional manager of Unicredit, Fabio Fregi, country manager of Google Italia, Silvia Candiani, country manager of Microsoft Italia, Renato Di Donna, project manager for public administration of Consip, Emanuele Spampinato, vice-president of Assintel, Maria Astone, president of Corecom Sicilia, Luigi Di Chiara, regional manager of Rai Way, Francesco Caizzone, president of Dih Sicilia, Andrea Falessi, foreign relations director of Open Fiber, Massimo Dell'Utri, CEO of Sicilia Digitale and Francesco Benvegna of the IT service of ARS

The vice-president Armao will conclude the proceedings.
One year of CETA, the advantages for Italy

One year of CETA, the advantages for Italy

The Centro Study Italia-Canada published today an article, in English, entitled "One year of ceta: the advantages for italy and the dispelled misgivings" by Paolo Quattrocchi, Director of the Centro Studi Italia-Canada, Equity Partner of Nctm Studio Legale, and vice-president of ICCCW and Francesca Paolucci, Coordinator of Research and Relations of the Centro Studi itself.

As reported in the article "The analysis of the updated data in July 2018 and collected from authoritative sources such as Statistics Canada and ICE-agency, confirmed the positive trend which was already disclosed in the last few months during the first 5 months of execution of the CETA (October 2017 - February 2018), with an increase in Italian exports of + 16.9%. In the first 7 months of the year, with reference to the same period of the previous year, there was an increase in European and Italian exports to Canada, respectively, with regard to European exports to Canada of +12.6% (for an increase of about $ 4 billion CAD), while for Italy it is + 10.4% (with an increase of about $ 365 million CAD).

The data are encouraging also for the imports of European Union and Italy from Canada, with an increase of +23.6% to Europe and +39.2% to Italy.
It should be noted that the percentage data, which is very positive for Canada, is explained by the Canadian disadvantage, in terms of absolute value, which was initially recorded compared to data on European and Italian exports.
The following data will clarify the concept, the total value of Canadian exports to Italy from January to July 2018 is $ 1,892 billion CAD and the total value of Canadian imports from Italy in the same period is $ 3,858 billion CAD. (ISTAT).

Consequently the Italian import from Canada increased, but did not change the trade balance between the two countries that remains favorable to Italy. Furthermore, Italian exports to the North American country have continued to grow: thus, the fear of the invasion of unspecified products, more or less harmful, from Canada, in a year from the entry into force of CETA did not occur.”

The desired ratification of the Agreement will therefore be able to bring benefits. But what may happen in case of a non-ratification?

Omitting for a moment the analysis of the complex scenario that would occur (with all the uncertainties on the procedures to be adopted, their existence and the wounds inside the Union), the relations between Italy and Canada, have always been excellent, could deteriorate irremediable, negatively involving also those sectors in which the relationships are consolidated and advantageous.

“Italy has given a lot to Canada, Canada did the same with Italy. - declares the Director of the Centro Studi Italia-Canada Avv. Paolo Quattrocchi - What we still cannot understand is how this friendship should be interrupted or nullified by an inexplicable behavior, which takes us away from a historical relationship that has brought growth and can bring further development in the sectors of economy and commerce, but also in social, environmental, cultural, political, and strategic in general.”

“It is in fact - concludes Mr Quattrocchi - thanks to the strategic partnership agreement, premise and completion of CETA, that these objectives of epochal relevance can be achieved for the collective well-being and for the construction of a balance point between the great of the planet, guarantee of peace and development. But nobody talks about the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA).”
Survey buyitalianstyle.com on grandparents' day: 78% of grandparents are "tenderness", 60% "memory", 58% "availability"

Survey buyitalianstyle.com on grandparents' day: 78% of grandparents are "tenderness", 60% "memory", 58% "availability"

On 2 October is the Grandparents' Day in Italy, an event institutionalized in 2005 and since then has become increasingly known, so much that 70% of citizens say they know it.

An analysis of online research also shows that it is a festival that is growing in the attention of Italians (SEMrush data, September 2018): since 2015, the year of its establishment as a national holiday, it has grown by about 13% to 2017.

But what are grandparents for Italians? Buyitalianstyle.com , one of the largest Italian e-commerce companies, specialized in personalized clothing and gadgets, and also the leading portal in Italy on the occasion of Grandparents' Day, tried to give an answer for its simple, surprising, witty and cheap gift ideas.

In collaboration with AMC, they interviewed a panel of 500 customers aged 18 to 45 years (Cawi Method, July 2018, multiple answer), to better understand the values that are best associated with grandparents: 78% are mainly "tenderness", 60% are "memory", 58% are "availability". But there is also a 41% that associates them with the concept of "greater freedom". And for 29% also to "economic aid".

That's why Grandparents' Day is becoming more and more popular. And that's also why buyitalianstyle.com 's proposals are so successful that, just like our grandparents, they perfectly express tenderness and sympathy.
Fonditalia supports Fuoricinema 2018 event, from September 14 to 16 in Milan

Fonditalia supports Fuoricinema 2018 event, from September 14 to 16 in Milan

Fonditalia, this year again, supports the event "FuoriCinema" by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini. In CityLife, the heart of a renovated Milan, from September 14 to 16 in Piazza Tre Torri, artists from the world of cinema, music and entertainment meet their audiences with the moderation of journalists and presenters.

In the backstage area of FuoriCinema there will be B2B meetings between operators from the world of entertainment and FondItalia to make known the opportunities that this institution can offer for the continuous training of workers in the audiovisual sector.

"Training is a central theme in companies and can become even more so, especially for those operating in the creative and audiovisual sectors. The constant need for training and updating of the skills of artistic, theatrical and cinematographic staff can be supported with the contributions of the Inter-professional Funds and FondItalia has decided to devote particular attention to this sector, which we consider strategic for Italy. These potentialities can only be really developed through a serious and strategic training activity - declared Francesco Franco, president of FondItalia.“
“The funds are fed by the mandatory contribution for involuntary unemployment that employers pay to the INPS. By choosing to join a fund, companies have the possibility that 0.30% of the contribution paid will return in training actions aimed at qualifying and updating their employees, in line with their needs and business strategies. Unfortunately, however, not many companies in the sector are aware of this opportunity."

Created by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini and produced by Fuoricinema Srl, Associazione Visione Milano, Corriere della Sera and CityLife, in collaboration with Sky, RTL 102.5, Mondadori Group, sponsored by the City of Milan, Fuoricinema is a non-stop marathon of daytime meetings and night-time films screenings, which arises from the desire to collect life experiences, aspirations and reflections developed around the world of cinema to put them into circulation as a common heritage.

In the days following the event, further targeted meetings with associations in the sector will also be organised in order to illustrate the mechanisms that will enable targeted training projects to be financed.
Honorable Nissoli writes to the President of ANCI to urge more attention of municipalities to the requests of consulates regarding the Italian registry services abroad

Honorable Nissoli writes to the President of ANCI to urge more attention of municipalities to the requests of consulates regarding the Italian registry services abroad

"Following repeated reports of negligence on the part of the registry offices of the municipalities to the requests of the Consulates I considered it necessary to write a letter to the President of ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities), Antonio Decaro, requesting his intervention to put an end to the inefficiency to the detriment of Italians abroad. This was declared by Mr. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, deputy of Forza Italia elected in North and Central America.

"In fact - has specified the Hon. Nissoli - nearly always the discomforts arise unfortunately from the administration of the Municipalities. Our Consulates work very well considering the few resources they have available, that's why I wanted to highlight this lack to the President of the ANCI, let's see if we can get more attention ...

Interview to Gabriele Chiarini of Studio Legale Chiarini

Interview to Gabriele Chiarini of Studio Legale Chiarini

In Italy there are no up-to-date and credible data on errors in health care, not even reliable estimates. The statistics showing a decrease in claims do not include the increasing practice of self-recovery of health risk, i.e. the fund to compensate patients, which facilities set aside so as not to have to have recourse to insurance companies.

Gabriele Chiarini, of Studio Legale Chiarini, is an expert in the field of health liability and compensation for personal injury caused by medical error. Chiarini and his staff have created a report – in italian language - on medical errors, which can be read for free at this link:


We met him to ask some questions

The "medical errors" are a growing phenomenon in the U.S., but in Italy you can not have really reliable data, why?

Currently, available estimates of health errors only include cases where there has been a complaint or claim by the patient or his relatives. All other events remain in the background, as health workers tend not to report adverse events spontaneously, very often for fear of repercussions. The main reason why it is very difficult to have exact data on medical errors, therefore, is that the errors reported in the statistics are significantly lower than those that actually occurred. Even in the U.S. the numbers of medical errors are rather controversial.

For example, some studies speak of 100,000 deaths per year caused by errors in the United States (*), while others say that it is 251,000 deaths per year, so that medical errors would be the third leading cause of death in the country (*).

These are hypothetical estimates and not actual data, also because the studies themselves show that less than 10% of medical errors are reported voluntarily (**).

However, it would seem that error rates are significantly higher in the US than in other developed countries (such as Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK) (**).

The latter figure could mean, in practice, only that in the U.S.A. there is a growing awareness of the extent of the phenomenon, and not that US doctors are worse than their Canadian, Australian, German or English colleagues.

In your experience, can medical errors occur more frequently in public or private facilities?

Insolvability is a cross-cutting phenomenon, so mistakes occur in both public and private structures. It is true, however, that some surgical procedures, especially on fragile patients or patients with important diseases, can lead to complications that are difficult to manage in a private facility. This means, from our professional experience, that private facilities may be more exposed to adverse health events.

The report states that the responsibility for medical error, more than the individual, is often the responsibility of structure and organizational problems. So it's about lack of management in health care facilities? How can the problem be addressed?

When we say that medical error is (almost) always due to an organizational failure, we want to emphasize that - except in exceptional cases of macroscopic individual responsibilities - even the errors of the individual have their roots in so-called "latent" systemic causes. The latter include, for example, outdated structural environments or machinery, lack of adequate clinical standards, low staff density, and poor organisation of workspaces or shifts.

These are causes that arise very far from the patient (mostly from management decisions), and may remain unknown for a long time. Nevertheless, they provide fertile ground for individual error, which can have an immediate impact, even a very serious one, on the patients' health.

Awareness of the possible causes of errors is a fundamental prerequisite for establishing appropriate countermeasures. Therefore, policies must be adopted to encourage the spontaneous reporting of adverse events, overcoming the traditional reluctance of health workers, often resistant to reporting mistakes for fear of punishment, disciplinary action, or even just damage to their reputation.

In addition, the prevention strategy should include actions that directly affect the causes of the error, such as the spread of checklists and standard operating procedures, the creation of critical event reporting systems, the use of advanced computer systems for prescribing and managing the drug, trying to involve in this direction not only the management but all operational staff.

Whenever a citizen feels that he or she has been the victim of medical error, what should he or she do to protect himself or herself as well as possible?

The first thing to do is to try to understand whether what actually happened to the patient is a medical error. Then it is necessary to verify if this error is relevant for the law, that is if a damage has occurred for the patient and if this damage is causally connected to the error.

When such preliminary investigations are successful, then we are dealing with a hypothesis of "medical malpractice", which can be managed from a legal point of view, favouring the path of claiming damages in civil proceedings, rather than the - much more difficult - one of complaint or complaint in criminal proceedings.

It is therefore necessary to quantify the exact damage, identify the legal entity that is required to compensate it, open the accident with the responsible Structure and with the Insurance Company, if any, and then manage it out of court and - if necessary - before the competent judicial authority.

For all these activities, you should seek advice from a health liability attorney, who should be supported by a legal practitioner and a specialist in the discipline involved.


(*) Rodziewicz TL, Hipskind JE, Medical Error Prevention, StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2018-2018 Mar 30.

(**) Anderson JG, Abrahamson K, Your Health Care May Kill You: Medical Errors, Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017;234:13-17.
Confassociazioni's president Angelo Deiana describes in a new book simple, pragmatic and managerial solutions to solve the problems of Italy

Confassociazioni's president Angelo Deiana describes in a new book simple, pragmatic and managerial solutions to solve the problems of Italy

From today in italian bookstores is available “Rilanciare l’Italia facendo cose semplici” (Reviving Italy by doing simple things) published by Giacovelli Editore, my new book of simple, pragmatic and managerial solutions to the problems of the Country, written with the contribution of our entire CONFASSOCIAZIONI Organization. This was stated in a note by Angelo DEIANA, President of Confassociazioni.

"A book on the future of our Country, a concrete and pragmatic book indeed - continued President Deiana - whose strategic theme is simple: Italy is a very strong country, but also a "Peter Pan" country, a narcissus country that flies, but would never want to grow in order not to lose that creative unconsciousness that is both its strength and its weakness. A country that has suffered a psychological trauma: the almost 10 years of crisis have vanished his "happy thought", whatever happened, allowed Italy to "fly just like Peter Pan".

Among the topics covered in his work: the Euro, the real estate system, the Flat Tax, the APR of taxes, the illegal building, local taxation, the jungle of deductions, the Exit Agency, the era of replacing people with cars, the new global power of women, smart working, free wi-fi, the 'Mezzogiorno', the excessive cost of energy, smoking and gaming, the efficiency of civil justice, the National Public Prosecutor's Office for banking and financial crimes, the displacement of investee companies, the pension reform, tax and social security evasion.
Geeks Academy, the Italian network of digital training in the fields of Cybersecurity, Big Data, Coding and Gaming

Geeks Academy, the Italian network of digital training in the fields of Cybersecurity, Big Data, Coding and Gaming

In a world where academic titles are losing their synonym for skills, Geeks Academy offers an alternative to increasingly outdated university education thanks to its practical approach and focus on transversal skills that, in addition to area-specific skills, help create professionals who not only master the necessary technologies, but also manage stress, solve problems creatively and expose ideas effectively.

The idea for the Geeks Academy comes after a trip to the United States and years of labour market analysis. If once the Geek was the phenomenon that in the freakshow staged the most wacky number, in the current century his figure is increasingly positive. Digital Geeks, in fact, thanks to their computer skills are sought after and respected professionals, to the point that their being different has now stripped themselves of the scent of isolation that had in the past and has become synonymous with success and exclusivity.

This is well known by Antonio Venece, founder of the school of geeks, the Italian network of digital training Geeks Academy, who chose to use this term as a flag for his dream to introduce young and old workers to the professions of the new millennium and, at the same time, insert computer sleeveless, until now confined to the four walls of home or without academic qualifications, in pathways to work.

Geeks Academy has four specialization areas (Cybersecurity, Big Data, Coding and Gaming) with courses accessible to beginners. The student pool is incredibly varied in terms of age and background: there are new graduates, but also middle-aged system engineers who have decided to reinvent themselves, as well as philosophy graduates and professionals in the field of medicine.

Open lessons are scheduled for next October in Sicily where the Geeks Academy will position itself for specialist training on cybernetic security and resilience.
Domenico Colotta is the new President of Assocomunicatori, the Italian National Association of Corporate Communicators

Domenico Colotta is the new President of Assocomunicatori, the Italian National Association of Corporate Communicators

Domenico Colotta, a professional expert in the field of institutional relations, follows Carmelo Cutuli at the head of Assocomunicatori, the Italian National Association of Corporate Communicators.

"First of all I would like to thank former President and founder of 'Assocommunicatori' Carmelo Cutuli and the board of directors. My commitment, with the contribution of all members, will be to strengthen relations with representatives of institutions and companies in the sector, with ideas and projects that can be a reference point for the world of communication. So declared the Association's new president Domenico Colotta.

The former President Carmelo Cutuli, currently at the head of the confederal sector of Communication of Confassociazioni, wished Colotta and the new executive "to honor the ambitious objectives that Assocomunicatori has proposed, while ensuring, at the same time, its renewed commitment as a senior member of the board of the Association".
Sergio Marchionne, the Italian-Canadian manager who has transformed FIAT into the international FCA giant

Sergio Marchionne, the Italian-Canadian manager who has transformed FIAT into the international FCA giant

ItalyUSA Magazine Editor in Chief Carmelo Cutuli with FCA's CEO Sergio Marchionne, the photo was shot in October 2008 in Chicago
The informal manager who used to wear the dark sweater, became the symbol of an era as it was the clock above the wristband of Gianni Agnelli.

Global manager and "enlightened leader", said Fca president John Elkann, Sergio Marchionne is the man who changed Fiat bringing it into the future. A decisional manager, with a passion for Ferrari machines, purchased from his own pocket, and lyrical music, Marchionne in the 14 years in which he led the group tripled its revenues.

Despite the spotlight on his public life, the Italian-Canadian manager has managed to keep his private life strictly confidential, also thanks to the choice to keep his residence in Switzerland, where his family also lives.

Born in Chieti, Marchionne is the son of a Carabinieri marshal and a young Istrian girl. After his adolescence in Abruzzo, he followed his family to Ontario, where a maternal aunt had already settled. In Canada Marchionne earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from the University of Toronto, followed by a Bachelor of Law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University and then a Master of Business Administration from the University of Windsor. After working as a legal attorney, Marchionne joined Deloitte Touche in 1983 as a chartered accountant and tax expert, the first step in a career that in 2000 led him to Switzerland as CEO of the Lonza Group, active in the field of products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. After entering the Lingotto board of directors in 2003 by designation of Umberto Agnelli, after the latter's death, Marchionne was appointed CEO of the group on 1 June 2004. At his side the president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and the vice-president John Elkann, at the time just twenty-eight years old.

In 2009 Marchionne performed his managerial miracle: in an America bent by the financial crisis, Fiat obtained from the Obama Administration 20% of Chrysler, one of the 'Big Three' of US motoring, which, after the failure of its alliance with Daimler, had practically failed. To convince Washington, in addition to the personality of Marchionne, the experience and guarantees offered by Fiat on new formulas of 'green' mobility. This was the first step in a process that will lead the people of Turin to 100% control of Chrysler in 2014.

It was the birth of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and some major operations such as the relaunch of Jeep, which has become the jewel in the crown of Fca, passing through the rebirth of Maserati and the bet on a 'premium' Alfa Romeo.
SKING, the Italian championship for permanent make-up specialists

SKING, the Italian championship for permanent make-up specialists

In the last five years tens of thousands of new businesses have been created that operate in dermopigmentation: "Our sector does not have a specific recognition at the Italian Chambers of Commerce and therefore all those who were not satisfied with the only category of " aesthetician " have had to register their business as " tattooists ". By examining the data, in 2013 in Italy there were about 1,500 tattoo companies operating in the tattoo sector, while in 2017 these became as many as 600,000. And a significant part of this " explosion " is to be attributed to the dermopigmentists”.

But it is precisely from this extraordinary success that a necessity has arisen that should not be underestimated, and that is the fundamental growth of specialization in a sector that, being halfway between the aesthetic and medical spheres, can in no way be entrusted to impromptu operators.

SKING (www.sking.events) , the Italian championship for specialists in permanent makeup, last year gathered and promoted the best Italian dermopigmentists: "Women who turn to the dermopigmentist," confirm the organizers, "especially ask for eyebrows with regard to permanent makeup, while men require us especially the "shaved" effect, which is a surprising solution to the aesthetic problem of baldness. But there are also cases in which we are approached for a "paramedical" intervention, for example for the reconstruction of the mammary halo in cases of mastectomy, an intervention particularly important for the psychological aspects it involves”.

On October 13 in Rome will take place the National Championship of permanent makeup promoted by A.I.DER. (Italian Association of Dermopigmentists) during which the most daring Italian operators will compete in the realization of a realistic eyebrow treatment and will compete for the title of national champion.

At the same time, in a 'dedicated area, all operators waiting to play the race and dermopigmentists who want to devote themselves to their training and learn new techniques, will attend live shows, live demonstrations of innovative treatments presented by international guests that will bring prestige to the event.

In the evening, then, all those who want to celebrate the world of Italian dermopigmentation, will celebrate during the PMU dinner party, the most exclusive party ever! Between toasts, dances and live performances will arrive at the time of the award ceremony that will decide the winners of the national championship.
The Studio Viola will be at Summer Fancy Food Show

The Studio Viola will be at Summer Fancy Food Show

The Studio Viola (SV) will be at Summer Fancy Food Show to be held in New York from 30 June to 2 July 2018.

During one of the most important enogastronomic events in the world, SV will support the internationalization process of some Italian Companies according to the BID philosophy, strongly based on value, process and technological innovation.

"Organizing and planning a successful fair, in a market so important like the American one, requires a dynamic and conscious approach", says Pietro Viola - Business Innovation Developer and SV Founding Partner, for a correct and effective evaluation of opportunities.

Our client is the real focus of BID projects and shares its philosophy, contributing to the achievement of the objective, through operational and strategic participation".

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018.  The sicilian gastronomic specialty 100% gluten free

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018. The sicilian gastronomic specialty 100% gluten free

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi is going to take part to next Summer Fancy Food Show edition (Level 1 Booth 4944) held in New York Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from June 30 to July 2.

The Sicilian company led by the entrepreneur Gloria Bosco has been present for over ten years in gluten-free market, producing and marketing flour mixtures for food and fresh and frozen products. The company, authorized by Ministry of Health, presents a selection of 18 mixes of conventional and 4 Bio flour, suitable for both industrial and artisanal processes that ensure the best result and the easiest processing for each product.

Best ingredients are selected to maintain a high level of quality and safety of production in standardized cycles. Thanks to the research of new cereals, the mixtures - ranging from classic bread to the sweet - offers consumers a wide diversification of caloric and nutritional inputs, different choices and many varieties of recipes.

Among the fresh baked products there is a line of frozen gastronomic specialties inspired to Sicilian tradition. The preservation process at low temperatures preserves the goodness, the quality and the fragrance of the artisanal products and allows easy access to Italian and international market.

"The American market is our main target to position our products", says Bosco. "Besides the traditional assortments, new specific lines dedicated to hotels, airlines, cruise ships, duty-free and catering services will be added in the next years."

"The innovation of tradition for a quality recipe is the basis of our company policy to grant our customers and compete both in national and international markets".
Soon a book and a Center of Studies will be launched by Prolution Group

Soon a book and a Center of Studies will be launched by Prolution Group

Prolution "As we know, 99% of Italian companies are small businesses, but all the modern science of marketing and communication, all publications, books and courses, are designed and tailored for large companies, if not even for multinationals. Probably influenced by the approach deriving from the USA, where certain de facto disciplines were born and developed in Italy, as well as in Europe and in the USA itself, the entrepreneurial environment is in fact made up of small businesses. It is therefore necessary to completely reinvent marketing and communication, combining them with very different realities, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of culture, organisation and vision. It is from here that the Prolution Group has had the input to create a proper "new economic discipline" that we wanted to call "Prolutioning", as a branch of Marketing specialized in small businesses. This has been concretized in a book soon to be published and in a Centre for the Study of Small Enterprises, which will be active in the coming weeks". This is how Edoardo Lisi, CEO of Prolution Group (www.prolutiongroup.com), a communication agency based in Rome that serves customers all over Italy, especially micro and small businesses. Lisi has focused on the strong involvement of human resources and the people who work there, or even better as they say 'live' the agency, reaching very high levels of productivity and satisfaction so as to refer to itself as the 'most smiling agency in Italy'. Not only constant training, not only constant involvement in the company's strategies, but a real "Prolution Way Of Life": from the Beach Soccer camp, to massages, from Yoga courses to Karaoke evenings, from English courses to Mountain Bike tours, up to the whirlpool made available to those who need a half hour of relaxation. But also social initiatives, with the project "Amailprossimo" that involves every week all employees who want to join concrete initiatives to help the homeless and the disadvantaged. "That is what our true added value is. - continues Lisi - We have grown in a few years, only in the last year by more than 80% compared to the previous year, thanks to the great enthusiasm of those who work in this "Family Company", a place where you come not only to work but also for leisure, to socialize, know, exchange ideas and enhance human growth as well as professional”. "Thanks to this approach, the Prolution Group is a powerhouse of ideas and talents that can then be made available to customers. - concluded Edoardo Lisi. - The notions of work time and non-work time are outdated. Not only does this not reduce productivity, but it also boosts it, because those who work with us come into the company with a smile, with the genuine conviction of wanting to grow. However the Prolution Group is not only about this: a constant activity of research and creativity has allowed the agency to grow especially thanks to medium, small and micro enterprises”.
ExpoTraining: the most important Italian event on professional training and labour returns to Milan on October 24th and 25th

ExpoTraining: the most important Italian event on professional training and labour returns to Milan on October 24th and 25th

The next October 24 and 25 at Fiera Milano returns ExpoTraining (www.expotraining.it), the most important Italian event on professional training and labour. A great event with more than 200 conferences, 600 speakers, workshops, events, discussions and round tables on work and vocational training in Italy. A precious "Watchtower" on the dynamics of labour and training, a laboratory where business associations, trade unions, institutions and experts work together.

"In the past months we have collaborated with Fonditalia for a preliminary panel on business and innovation (CaWi Method on a panel of 1115 entrepreneurs, journalists and experts). We found that 57.89% of survey participants believe that innovation is the only way to compete in the national and international labour market and 40.35% believe that innovation is a lever to increase productivity and turnover. Only 6.14% remain sceptical, believing that it is only a way to automate work (6.14%) and reduce staff (6.14%). Only 5.26% said that innovation can only be a cost to businesses. Unfortunately, however, in the face of this great confidence in innovation, only half of those interviewed declare that their company is constantly innovating (37.39%) or at least every year (15.65%), while the other half declare that in their company it happens every 2/3 years (for 13.04%), every 5 years (for 5.22%), rarely (for 21.74%) or even never (for 6.96%). Carlo Barberis, President of ExpoTraining, said.

"Innovation is therefore rightly perceived as a strategic leverage for competition and for business growth. However, there is still too much concern: only a third of companies invest continuously in innovation and training, and this despite the many opportunities provided by the Industry 4.0 plan". In short, in Italy there is no fear of the advent of "robots" or AI technologies, but there is not enough courage to really use them.

"This year at ExpoTraining we will try to explore and explain these phenomena, to understand what kind of innovation Italian companies are implementing, what they would like to achieve, if the 4.0 Industrial Plan has changed the perception that companies and workers have of training. We will do so in the context of the Business and Management Forum, together with business associations, trade unions, institutions and hundreds of experts and operators in the Italian professional training sector. And as every year we will work on the White Paper on Education, which has by now become an essential study tool in Italy". - concluded Barberis.
The Fake News Bible: Marco Camisani Calzolari's new book is out

The Fake News Bible: Marco Camisani Calzolari's new book is out

A guide to fake news that tackles the theme concretely, analyzing especially the techniques used by those who create and disseminate them.

How are they created? Who makes them? How do they become viral? What technologies are used?

Fake news, click-bait, conspiracy theory, pseudo-science, storytelling, shitposting, satire and entertainment are some of the main categories considered.

The book analyzes the reasons why they are created, including influencing public opinion, influencing the market and decision makers, monetizing traffic or doing character Assassination and who creates them uses techniques of psychology combined with digital in order to achieve maximum dissemination.

The last part of the book is dedicated to debunking and some proposals for potential solutions to combat the phenomenon.

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here
The evaluation of organizational models: on the shelves new book by Giuseppe Lepore

The evaluation of organizational models: on the shelves new book by Giuseppe Lepore

Available from today on all major online sales sites, the latest book by Giuseppe Lepore entitled "The evaluation of organizational models" published by lge exclusive editions for CertiW ®.

The manual provides useful hints and indications for the adoption of an organisational model with reference to the main international standards. The unique and innovative methodology devised by the author offers the possibility of approaching the market to such an activity in an evolved and complete way.

The author, the Chemical Engineer Giuseppe Lepore, since 2008 is at the head of Certi W ®, Certification and Inspection Body that, thanks to a consolidated international network, provides its services anywhere in the world.

In 2013 it promotes the birth of the "Certiluxe ® Award" a coveted prize to people, organizations and companies that have distinguished themselves for Quality, Uniqueness and Innovation.

Lead Assessor qualified for the most widespread Management Systems with over 2,500 audits carried out, he is also author and co-author of numerous publications on the subject.
LUISS School of Law organizes an Open Day on new perspectives offered by CETA to the international trade in the agri-food sector

LUISS School of Law organizes an Open Day on new perspectives offered by CETA to the international trade in the agri-food sector

Nctm Law Firm and Centro Studi Italia-Canada will take part in the open day organized by LUISS School of Law, which will be held tomorrow in the Aula Nocco della LUISS, at Via parenzo 11 in Rome, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. The "Food Law" Master's module to deepen the topic Canada-CETA and the new perspectives opening up for the specific sector at the end of the provisional entry into force of the Agreement, will be moderated by Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner Nctm Law Firm, Director “Centro Studi Italia-Canada” and Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce - Canada West. The meeting will have the following agenda:
  • Country Presentation Lionella Bertazzon, Trade Commissioner – Embassy of Canada A special focus on Québec
  • A special focus on Québec Marianna Simeone, Delegate of Québec in Italy
  • The SPA and the CETA: a new chapter in EU-Canada relations Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner - Nctm Studio Legale
  • Canadian Experience with Agriculture and Agri-Food Trade Jennifer Fellows, Agriculture Counsellor - Embassy of Canada
  • CETA and the new food safety legislation in Canada Noemi Trombetti, Managing Director - “Euroservizi Impresa (ESI)”
  • CETA, Geographical Indications and new scenarios for Intellectual Property Luca Guidobaldi, Nctm Studio Legale
  • Logistics and Customs Marco Dell’Arciprete, JAS Jet Air Service - Italia
Further Info and Registration: foodlaw@luiss.it https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-open-day-canada-and-ceta-a-new-perspective-46926471339
BuyItalianStyle.com starts online affiliate program

BuyItalianStyle.com starts online affiliate program

BuyItalianStyle.com is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Italy and is immediately characterized by the production of nice clothing and gadgets, especially dedicated to mothers and their children - without forgetting dad, grandparents and uncles - as T-shirts, cushions, dresses, straw bands, accessories and other goods that "transmit" messages, gathering sympathy and consensus in families with babies.

Created from the intuition of Maria and Michela Lombardi, two young businesswomen from Campania, it has grown so much online that it has also become a "physical" franchise, opening almost 20 stores throughout Italy, with dozens of other incoming requests.

From now on it is possible for BuyItalianStyle.com fans to easily become an online affiliate, making BuyItaliaStyle.com products known through their websites and their social networks, earning 15% on all orders. A great opportunity, considering how "attractive" BuyItalianStyle.com's products are and how frequently many customers already love to share their purchases on Facebook or Instagram.

"We decided to start this affiliation program - said Maria and Michela Lombardi - because it was the same customers who asked us, as also happened to the franchise. On the other hand, our brand is definitely a "lovemark": customers at first follow us, then buy us, but also advise us, feel involved and suggest new products or new ideas. We therefore are confident that the online affiliations will allow us to increase the number of true friends of our brand.

For information:
Business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies

Business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies

A seminar will be held in Florence, in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Strozzi, on June 12 from 9 am to 1 pm, on the theme "Canada-EU Economic Agreement: Business Opportunities for Italian Enterprises", organized by the Italy-Canada Study Centre and the CNA Firenze Metropolitana.

The seminar aims to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss the main measures introduced by the Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union (CETA), the benefits of corporate partnerships, the methods of investment and access to credit, and the discovery of the opportunities offered by the Canadian province of Quebec to Italian companies interested in internationalization.

The following will participate as speakers: Giacomo Cioni, President, CNA Firenze; Arturo Galansino, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi; Paolo Quattrocchi, Nctm Studio Legale - Director, Centro Studi Italia-Canada; Jan Scazighino, Minister of Economic Relations, Canadian Embassy; Luca De Carli, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG TRADE; Marianna Simeone, Québec Delegate in Italy; Lucia Baldino, European Director, Desjardins; Fabrizio Toti, Area Manager, JAS; Noemi Trombetti, Inspection Trading Auditing - ITA Corporation.

The moderation of the round table will be handled by Paolo Quattrocchi, Nctm Studio Legale partner and Director of the Italy-Canada Study Centre.

To participate in the event you must register through the following link: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-accordo-economico-canada-ue-opportunita-daffari-per-le-imprese-italiane-46437552971
Venice 2018: At the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino will be on display the home furnishing created by the Italian designer Carcerano and Chinese artists Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei

Venice 2018: At the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino will be on display the home furnishing created by the Italian designer Carcerano and Chinese artists Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei

"Once again San Marino contributes to the Venice Architecture International Exhibition not only with a simple presence, but with an always stimulating and new interpretation key. The constant interaction between artists, architects, designers, both Chinese and Italians and San Marino produces side by side intersections and cultural references. said Vincenzo Sanfo, Curator of the San Marino Pavilion.

What happens if you combine Italian taste and design, the provocation of "pop art" and the artistic research of two of the most interesting Chinese artists of the contemporary scene? The result is truly unique pieces of home furnishings: colorful, pop, sometimes brave, but always firmly anchored in different traditions but present, solid, evident.

The work of Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei is that of brave artists, who wanted to decline the provocation of Pop Art with Chinese culture, combining Andy Wharol and Marilyn with icons, traits, the oldest Chinese symbols, irreverent colors with the heads of the Ming Warriors. The result is incredibly harmonious, pleasant and tasteful, for a furnishing that, if it has much to say at the Biennale of Architecture, can be eloquent even in any home or location.

The furniture becomes the architecture to accommodate the works of two great Chinese artists, through the possibility of interacting with the three-dimensional space can assign to their work a kinetic value that releases their creativity on different compositional levels.

"A way to represent creativity not in two dimensions, but in a three-dimensional way so that we can speak of direct and integral communication between color, light, form and space to merge into a dream scene and involve the public in the representation of the work of art that becomes tangible when the furniture takes over its function. said Italian designer Piero Luigi Carcerano.”

The Official Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino at the Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.. Admission is free.
Silvia Bolzoni (Zeta Service) declares "We need to build a new business model based on happiness"

Silvia Bolzoni (Zeta Service) declares "We need to build a new business model based on happiness"

During the Gala Ceremony at Gessi Milano, the "Positive Business Award" was officially presented to Zeta Service (www.zetaservice.com), in the Positive Business Company category.

Zeta Service provides payroll services, personnel administration, labor consulting and HR consulting. 15 years of experience, just completed and celebrated with a big event at Villa Necchi in Milan, over 200 employees, 400 customers, 7 offices in Italy, ZetaService is one of the leading companies in the industry. But above all, it is a company that strongly believes in having ‘smiling’ customers and employees.

The prize created by the Scuola di Palo Alto to celebrate the positive culture of organizations that in the exercise of their business have proven to translate into facts, projects and behavior the values and principles of “Happiness Science”.

Founded by Silvia Bolzoni, who is currently its President, Zeta Service is an innovative company, built on strong values, which put people, both employees and customers at the centre. In recent years she has promoted numerous social projects on equal opportunities and well-being in the workplace. With the “Libellula” Project, for example, she became the leader of a network of companies united in the fight against violence against women and gender discrimination.

"We have always believed in a business model that is truly smiling, based on building positive relationships between employees, management and our customers. Zeta Service not only wants to be a workplace, but a project, a community of people, of values lived daily. For us, social responsibility is not just a slogan, but an integral part of our identity. For this reason I am particularly proud to receive the prestigious prize of the Palo Alto School, because it recognizes us as a company that has put happiness, at the center of its daily activities. And it is thanks to this that we have just reached 15 years of continuous growth. said Silvia Bolzoni.

The Positive Business Award joins today the numerous awards received by Zeta Service: "Courageous Captains" of Confindustria in 2016; "Good Practices of Social Responsibility" Awarded by the Milan Chamber of Commerce from 2013 to 2017; "BEST WORKPLACE FOR WOMEN" (2017-2018).

Other awards include the fact that Zeta Service was present for two years in the special classification drawn up by the Great Place To Work Institute® Italy which lists the 20 excellent workplaces for women and that the Municipality of Milan awarded Zeta Service the Ambrogino d'Oro for the policies of work-life balance and resource management and for being the first company to recognise the marriage leave to an employee who signed the register of civil unions with his partner.
Committee for the Economic Development of Southern Italy (SEcoM) is established in Rome

Committee for the Economic Development of Southern Italy (SEcoM) is established in Rome

Inspired by the need to foster the promotion of excellence in southern Italy, the SEcoM Committee (www.comitatosecom.it) intends to bring together a qualified representation, in the scientific and cultural field, in order to work an effective stimulus to the central and European authorities on issues of economic development of the area commonly identified as 'South of Italy'.

"The Committee - says Chairman and founder Dr. Paolo Rivelli - aims to contribute to a comprehensive analysis, with a 'glocal' vision of resources, aimed at giving back to the local realities of southern Italy a central role at a global level, through the promotion of all initiatives to raise awareness, spread and safeguard the excellence of southern Italy that can contribute in a concrete and sensitive to the development of the regions of the southern-central side of the country. The Mezzogiorno must catch up with its development, it must look far ahead if it wants to be a candidate for the pivot of the Mediterranean basin, however, in doing so it cannot give up its rich past in terms of culture and heritage, indeed from this experience it draws the driving force".

The territorial observation actions promoted by the Committee will be aimed at a strategic repositioning of the South, in Italian and European policies, through the interception of areas of development that represent a driving force for the economy and development of the South through a fair, economic and environmentally friendly growth.

"A tradition that stimulates innovation therefore - concludes Dr. Rivelli - It is no coincidence that we have chosen an image that most represents us. In fact our logo is represented by 'Helios as personification of the South', a painting of 1765 by Anton Raphael Mengs, exponent of neoclassicism. A clear reference to Greek mythology, but with Helios in the act of striking a fiery arrow to a distant target.

The Committee, chaired by Paolo Rivelli, is also composed of Valentina Dell'Aira, delegate for external relations and institutional communication, and Ugo Cavaterra, delegate for the "Culture and Traditions" sector.

Italian CRIF buys 35% of the share capital of the Uzbek Credit Office

Italian CRIF buys 35% of the share capital of the Uzbek Credit Office

The Analytical Information and Credit Centre at the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan and the CRIF Credit Institute have signed an agreement. The Italian partner will contribute to the development of the country's financial infrastructure, with the objective of simplifying the access of natural and legal persons to sources of credit.

"CRIF buys 35% of the share capital of the Uzbekistan Credit Office and the credit agencies of two countries will set up a joint venture", commented Director General of the Uzbek Bank Association Bakhtiyar Hamidov during the press conference.
According to the Director of the Association, Uzbekistan needs a proper assessment of the financial conditions to increase the flow of direct investment in the country. The presence of private investment needs to be increased, as most investment is currently attracted at government level.

"The IFC has assisted the partner selection process, we will also assist in building a new company, provide technical assistance to improve the business environment in the country. If necessary, we can help to improve the regulatory situation. This will depend on the type of problems faced by private investors operating in Uzbekistan. We will evaluate all of them and recommend local partners as improving conditions," said IFC representative Mai Nguyen.

"CRIF will provide a range of tools and services to risk managers working in the banking sector. It is assumed that the CAIC will become a major hub containing all the information on the activities of the banking and financial sector. Strengthening the automation of processes during cooperation will also reduce the costs of the banking sector. An important aspect of the agreement is that CRIF as a partner will not only work with credit agencies, but will also work with commercial banks, contributing to their development", - said Fabrizio Fraboni, the leading expert in the financial sector of the World Bank Group. (Mercurpress)
Bruno (Bruno Editore): "Self-publishing on Amazon has become a mass phenomenon in Italy too”

Bruno (Bruno Editore): "Self-publishing on Amazon has become a mass phenomenon in Italy too”

In the last 18 months, 100% of books published by Bruno (80 titles) have become Bestseller n.1 on Amazon. Not simple Bestsellers of the category, but n.1 absolute Amazon Italy.

Self-Publishing phenomenon is now widespread in Italy as well, i.e. the self-production of books, made particularly easy by Amazon but not only: in 2017 it is estimated that over 30,000 titles will be published, more than 45% of all published ones. Important numbers that have contributed to the growth of the book sector: more than 5% compared to the previous year.

Experts and companies are also increasingly using "self-publishing", not only to make the most of their professional skills, but also to increase their authority or increase their reputation.

Writing a book is the new business card: it gives you authority, professionalism and competence. Giacomo Bruno says - However if your book stays at the bottom of the charts it becomes a loss of time. In these years, we have studied in depth the phenomenon of Self Publishing and more generally of digital publishing on Amazon, being able to understand the algorithms that regulate the internal search engine.

This is why Giacomo Bruno and his Bruno Editore organized a large training event (www.numero1.me) in Rome from 1 to 3 June to explain how to approach Self Publishing and digital publishing in the right way, from book design to sales strategies and above all to understand about the factors of the Amazon search engine updated to the latest changes in 2018.
Yamzu announces blockchain powered tournaments with large prize pools

Yamzu announces blockchain powered tournaments with large prize pools

(MERCURPRESS.COM) Yamzu, browser based tournament platform will organize online tournaments in your favorite video games with large prize pools. Yamzu’s mission is to become number one online venue for tournaments in esports with tournaments accessible to anyone with a computer and stable internet connection. Skill based tournaments powered by additional layers of security leave little to a chance when it comes to the outcome of a tournament - the best player takes it all, it’s as simple as that.

“We wanted to reinvent the way esports industry works. Blockchain technology will help us reach our full potential as more payment options were often asked from our users. Simplifying this with one wallet, one currency that works anywhere in the world will attract many gamers who haven’t had a chance to participate in esports tournaments before” - says Asiad Majeed, CEO and founder of Yamzu.

The company plans to host its own tournaments on the platform. “To clarify, these tournaments will be completely free to enter, they will be open to anyone anywhere. We want to remove any existing limitations that prevent active participation in esports industry” - Asiad adds.

The platform is working now, while the redesign and implementation of cryptography are also in progress. Yamzu sponsored tournaments will start in the fall, this year with Yamzu tokens going on sale in August.
The calculation of the ROI of welfare initiatives will be discussed in Rome at a conference organized by GIDP and Granchi&Partners.

The calculation of the ROI of welfare initiatives will be discussed in Rome at a conference organized by GIDP and Granchi&Partners.

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, beginning at 16:00, at Enel's Auditorium in Rome (Via Mantova, 24), the conference "The calculation of the ROI of welfare initiatives" will be held.

How to economically valorise the returns on investments of the Welfare initiatives? The conference will present the methodology for calculating the ROI (return on investment) and the Payback Period (the timing of the return on investment) of Welfare initiatives.

The subject of corporate welfare is highly topical and experts predict that it will become even more important in the coming years. Among the elements of greatest interest for Italian companies in Welfare are sustainability strategies that strengthen the reputation and involvement of stakeholders, the establishment of collaborative relations with Human Resources with a consequent improvement in organizational welfare and tax benefits that optimize labor costs and boost productivity.

Among the elements of greatest interest for Italian companies in Welfare are sustainability strategies that strengthen the reputation and involvement of stakeholders, the establishment of collaborative relations with Human Resources with a consequent improvement in organizational welfare and tax benefits that optimize labor costs and boost productivity.

The conference will present the methodology for calculating the ROI (return on investment) and the Payback Period (the timing of the return on investment) of the Welfare initiatives.

The conference will focus on techniques to translate tangible and intangible benefits into monetary values, tools to calculate the correlation between Welfare initiatives and the reduction of work-related stress and methodologies to communicate the benefits of initiatives both inside and outside the company.

The meeting will be opened by Paolo Citterio and Gianfranco Rossini, respectively National President and Deputy Vice-President of the Lazio Region Gidp/Hrda. The conference will be attended as speakers by: Guido Granchi, CEO of Granchi & Partners "The calculation of the ROI of Welfare”; Donatella Chiomento, owner of Studio Chiomento "The ROI of Welfare and the evaluation of work-related stress "; Massimo Tafi, owner of Mediatyche "The effective communication of the ROI of Welfare”.

The conference is exclusively reserved to GIDP members and to Granchi&Partners client companies.
International Summer School “Law and Bilateral Trade: North America - Europe” at starting point

International Summer School “Law and Bilateral Trade: North America - Europe” at starting point

From 28 May to 1 June will be held in Montréal the third edition of the Summer School in Droit et commerce bilatérale: Amérique du Nord Europe/Law and Bilateral Trade: North America-Europe organized in cooperation between the Université de Montréal and the l’Università degli Studi di Milano.

Aimed at students, in particular of Law, Political Sciences, Economics and International Studies, and professionals, the Summer School has been an intensive training event since 2016, with a program that changes every year on issues related to commercial policy international: the relations between the European Union and North America, the commercial agreements in execution, such as the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), or potentially in negotiation, such as the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

This International Summer School is held alternately in Montreal and Milan and is co-directed for the Université de Montréal by professors Hervé A. Prince and Nanette Neuwahl, for the Università degli Studi di Milano, by professors Lucia Bellucci and Gian Luigi Gatta.

In the thematic sessions in which the 2018 edition is organized, from the Universities of Milan, Montreal, Laval, Bordeaux, Besançon and Paris will participate, some of which have already taught in previous editions of the Summer School: Francesca Arnaboldi, Angelica Bonfanti, Francesco Delfini, Ysolde Gendreau, Loic Grard, Véronique Guèvremont, Albert Henke, Francesca Romanin Jacur, Leila Lankarani, Amissi Manirabona, Richard Ouellet, Stéphane Rousseau e Martine Valois.

As in previous editions, Nctm Studio Legale, one of the leading independent Italian law firms, will participate at the event to give a professional and educational contribution to young students through their experience gained in the field of international trade. Among the speakers will also be present this year the Nctm Partners who have also participated in the past at the Summer School: Paolo Quattrocchi, an expert in corporate and commercial law, with particular attention to the internationalization of business, and director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada and vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, and Bernard O'Connor, an expert in Community trade law, WTO and intellectual property.

For the Summer School, which takes place under the High Patronage of the Canadian Embassy in Italy, the two partner universities have been awarded the prestigious Venice Prize of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada.