B20 Chairs Heraeus and Funes: B20 process is crucial for G20 to effectively shape globalization

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“The B20 is crucial for an effective G20 that shapes globalization,” said Jürgen Heraeus and Daniel Funes de Rioja, the current and incoming Chairs of the official G20 business dialogue, Business 20 (B20), prior to the B20 handover in Buenos Aires. The official handover ceremony, 1 month before the G20 handover, will take place today in the Argentine Foreign Ministry, hosted by the Argentine G20 Sherpa, Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado.

“We can be proud of what we have achieved as B20 Germany,” Heraeus stated. In seven taskforces and one initiative, more than 700 leading business representatives developed joint policy recommendations that were handed over to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the B20 Summit in May 2017. The G20 Summit in Hamburg is a partial success, given the difficult negotiating climate. We are nonetheless disappointed that the G20 did little more than secure the status quo in many areas such as international trade,” Heraeus continued. “The G20 must now fill its Hamburg commitments with life,” said the B20 Germany Chair. Heraeus, who will be accompanied by B20 Sherpa Stormy-Annika Mildner, represent the three German business associations that were mandated by the German government to preside over the German B20 dialogue: the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

“We stand with B20 Germany for open and rules-based markets. At the same time, we agree that we must ensure that the benefits from globalization are widespread in our societies. For example, we need to invest more in education and lifelong learning”, Funes de Rioja added. B20 Argentina will be led by Funes de Rioja as Chair, designated by the Argentine government. Daniel Funes de Rioja is the former President of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and also participated in the B20 Germany process as Co-Chair of the Employment and Education Taskforce. He will be assisted by six business chambers – ADEBA, BCBA, CACS, CAMARCO, SRA and UIA – as Co-Chair. B20 Sherpas Carolina Castro (Executive Sherpa) and Fernando Landa (Policy Sherpa) are tasked with bringing the B20 to life. “This is a great opportunity for our region and our country, taking into account the transformation process Argentina is going through and the structural reforms the government is putting in place to face the challenges of open market economy, the globalization process, and smart integration”, said Funes de Rioja.

Roberto Race, Competere’s Secretary General has represented Italy at the B20. "The B20 held in Germany has achieved significant results in the field of trade, environment, competitiveness, health and innovation, and we hope to be pursued with the same commitment in Argentina. G20 now must deliver on Hamburg results" says Roberto Race, Secretary General of Competere. "As Competere we will also work during the Argentine mandate to produce analysis and policy paper to quantify social transformations and technological progress achieved."

"If we want to face and overcome the social and economic challenges of the future, the G20 members must work harder and more co-ordinated," says Pietro Paganini, President of Competere. "This attitude requires cooperation between countries, international organizations, industries and civil society. Good luck Argentina."

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