Sons of Italy Omaha rebuild fund

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On the afternoon of 1/13/2017 a fire suddenly erupted at the Sons of Italy Hall located at 1238 S. 10th St in Omaha, Nebraska. This was a two alarm fire which was rapidly brought under control by the Omaha Fire Department. There was extensive internal damage to the structure which is owned by the State Lodge of Nebraska, the State affiliate of the National Order Sons of Italy in America.

It was decided that it would be cost prohibitive to remove the fire damaged building and start over. So the damaged portion will be removed and it will keep the structurally sound part and rebuild.

It was selected a contractor to do the work that began work on April 3rd. They estimate work will be completed by the end of the year. The final product will be a beautiful new Sons of Italy Hall of which both the members and the community will be proud.

Insurance covered much of the building but the interior furnishings were a total loss, mostly due to smoke damage. The kitchen received most of the damage. The hall need tables and chairs for the dinning hall. Stoves, grill, stainless steel tables, freezer, cooler, sinks and all the accessories that make up a kitchen.

It is possible to give an hand with fundraising on gofundme clicking here

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