Treviso Hospital, €1.8m impact fund established through infrastructure investment

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The project for the renewal of Treviso Hospital receives confirmation of a €29 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The loan will support the design, construction and operation of the new hospital, and allows the developer, Lendlease, to optimise the project financing in order to generate €1.8m in savings.

100% of these savings are committed to capitalise a new impact fund to invest in innovative solutions for research and health with greater benefits for the community. Ospedal Grando has been a unique opportunity to test the principles of impact investing in a large-scale infrastructure project.

PlusValue assisted Lendlease in the conception, design and implementation of the impact investing strategy.

Infrastructural projects are engines for growth and innovation. Everybody knows it as positive externalities, but with the new hospital in Treviso positive impact has been embedded in business model -- making it a win-win for all parties involved.

This project also proves that impact investing can be mainstream, involving institutional investors and big industrial players. This is a step towards a renewal of capitalism and we don’t want to stop here.

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