Startuphome USA, Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in a Co-living Environment

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After the success of Startup Home London, in UK, the team led by Stefano Tresca, Global President, and Simone Tarantino, US Executive Director is now finally working towards opening in US!

Startup Home™ has taken all the unique social elements of a coffee shop and the creative, practical elements of a co-working space and combined them to functionally operate under one affordable co-living residential space that attracts entrepreneurs and start-ups alike.

The objective is creating local Startup ecosystems to inspire professionals to focus on the advantage of organizing, maintaining and scaling their operation while Startup Home provides all the necessary tools, mentoring and community driven elements to make personal and professional life a success.

Thanks to local and institutional sponsors, Startup Home will be able to subsidize rent and living expenses for some of the resident Startups!

Over the past 3 years Startuphome worked with some amazing Startups, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and created amazing opportunities in UK, now looking to do the same in US.

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