Prof. Enzo Siviero on Mediterranean Bridging: TUNeIT and GRALBeIT The Connective Mobility Concept and Mission

Connectivity and Mobility are two major factors for the development and welfare of geo-areas, countries and communities in the world, as well as the “missing links” are often strongly responsible for the underdevelopment, isolation and persistent inequalities among the concerned geo-areas. A glance to the specific thematic connectographies will offer a surprisingly clear picture of the above assumptions.

Whereas a deep insight to the geo-distribution of the HDI (the United Nations Index of the Human Development and welfare) along the years does suggest effective geopolitical interpretations and proposals to overtake these unacceptable conditions.

The mission is to transform the “missing links” in “fixed links”. In particular if we pay attention to the geo-areas and countries around the “Mediterranean” along their history we can discover very easily the reasons of the nowadays reality:

  • A persistent stratified distribution of the “HDI” systematically decreasing along the geo-latitude;
  • A mere role of transit for the “Mediterranean Basin” along the transoceanic routes of the maritime trade where the European center of gravity is in the Northern range of the North Sea, whereas the Euro-Mediterranean countries play the role of a mere land market;
  • The most impressive phenomenon of boat-people migration of all time.

A look to the other similar geo-areas in the world, like the Extreme East, China-Korea-Japan does confirm the answer: connective mobility for the generalized development of the all geo-areas.

The answer for the wide Mediterranean geo-areas is the integration of Africa and Europe by an appropriate system of connective-mobility: “TUNeIT & GRALBeIT” is an important component of that system.

TUNeIT is an acronym of Tunisia and Italy the fixed link between Cape Bon and Mazara del Vallo is foreseen part in tunnel and part as bridge with 3 to 4 intermediate artificial islands, the total length is around 140 km composed by railway and road.

GRALBeIT is an acronym of Greece-Albania and Italy fixed link between Valona and Otranto foreseen as a bridge, the total length is around 80 km with a couple of artificial intermediate islands. It has the same cross section as TUNeIT.
The countries involved are, beside Tunisia and Italy also Nigeria (for the infrastructures in Africa), Albania and Greece (for the connection with the so-called Silk Road and Asia).

Connecting the Mediterranean countries by intelligent "fixed links" is a necessary mission for the Mediterranean Engineers.
To create the “Mediterranean connective-mobility network" is a must so that the AfroMed-countries can quickly develop in a suitable way overtaking the inequalities among and within the countries.