A conference promoted by the AmCham's Italy Medical Devices working group

According to The Boston Consulting Group, the medical devices sector represents one of the pillars of the Italian economy with an estimated value of 10 billion euros (4th market in Europe) and a relevant employment impact (approximately 68,000 people). Italy’s demographic situation, combined with ethical necessity of providing effective cures to those in need, also make the medical device sector a matter of key concern within public debate.

As such, it is necessary for the public and private sector to cooperate in attempt to create a more efficient healthcare system, able to better guarantee public wellbeing. It is to this extent that AmCham’s Medical Devices working group will organize on the 3rd of October, in Rome, a conference to discuss means to develop the medical device industry by overcoming existing impasses. It is the groups’ hope that, through such event, the Chamber may launch a cooperation between the private sector and public institutions so that they may better guarantee public health.